Sky Contact Number: 0800 151 2747

Call 0800 151 2747 to contact the Sky customer care team on their freephone number now!

Phone Sky for free by dialing 0800 151 2747. Customer service advisors on this line will provide you with technical support for your Sky service as well as answer general enquiries about any Sky service or package.

If you are having technical difficulties with your Sky Talk service, or you want information and advice on how to change your Sky Talk service then please examine the helpful list of numbers we’ve provided for you below. All these 03 Sky numbers cost the same to call as local UK 01 and 02 area code phone numbers.

Sky Talk Phone Numbers

Problems with your Sky Talk service 03300 412 553
Join Sky Talk or upgrade your Sky Talk package 03300 412 554
Cancel your Sky Talk service 03300 412 556
Downgrade your Sky Talk Package 03300 412 557